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The Jeffries story...

These sparkling botanical soft drinks, mixed, bottled, capped, labelled, and delivered by hand, continue a Jeffries family tradition. Now everyone can enjoy what started out as a "jar in the pantry"!

Den JeffriesThe Jeffries family have been brewing their own drinks for over half a century, all starting with Dennis Jeffries - pictured left.

Den was renowned for his home brews, cooked up by himself on the kitchen stove. Money was tight back in the 60s for a lorry driver with three boys and Audrey, his wife, to support; but there was always a jar - as he called it - waiting in the pantry when he got home.

50 years on, the third generation of the family are still bottling up, with six carefully blended flavours to make your mouth water.

Fall in love...

...with Jeffries Vintage Drinks, the taste of yesterday - today! Available in six delicious flavours, they're great on their own, from the bottle or over ice, sublime in cocktails - and now with zero sugar!

 Unmistakably sweet and creamy with a taste of vanilla, our classic Cream Soda evokes the soda fountains of the 20s and 30s.
 It doesn't get more traditional than Fiery Ginger Beer - great on its own and terrific in shandy.
 Packed with quintessentially English flavours, our Elderflower and Apple is an elegant and refreshing drink to grace any table.
 Deliciously refreshing, our Traditional Orange Soda is a surefire winner with kids - and grown ups too!
 For a taste that's just a bit more grown-up, a classic Root Beer is hard to beat.
 To complete the line-up our Cloudy Lemonade is full of juicy lemon zing. Perfect anytime - but don't think of packing a picnic without it!

Jeffries Vintage Drinks